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Automotive Engine performs extensive research and development throughout our process of reconditioning. We design high quality, reliable products by correcting existing design flaws of the original engine. Our experts use latest techniques for your engine solution, so you can rely on us for the quality work we provide. We offer both services either supply only or supply & fit.

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When do you need a Reconditioned Engine?

Facing untimely faults in your car engine can be a hassle. This can become a bigger problem when neglected and then your car engine just stops working all of a sudden. But this isn’t new as every machine that has moving parts tend to malfunction at some point. So don’t wander around and worry whenever you face some problem regarding your car engine. The Automotive Engine UK is the perfect spot to get your car engine up and revving again as good as new.

We have a certified and thoroughly checked reconditioned engine stock with a wide range of remanufactured engines and rebuilt engines including all popular brands used across UK.

Top-Quality Reconditioned Engines for Sale

If you are looking to get the best deals on an excellent reconditioned, rebuild, or remanufactured engine, you’ve come to the right place. At Automotive Engine UK we make sure that our customers always leave with a satisfying experience. We deal in all kinds of brands and makes. Our professional technicians and mechanics ensure that all the reconditioned engine stock is in immaculate condition before being utilized in a replacement job.

Top-Quality Reconditioned Engines in the UK

We take full responsibility for keeping the standards high and make sure our remanufactured engine supplying department is delivering a quality rebuilt car engine that’s up to the mark. Automotive Engine UK guarantees that our recon engines are flawless in every aspect. Not just that, our state-of-the-art garage equipment is designed to check each engine from top to bottom ensuring an excellent quality assurance process reducing the error chances close to none.

How Car Engine Reconditioning Gets DoneĀ 

Who doesn’t love their car? It’s like the modern-day horse that you want steady and ready to ride. What if your car engine suddenly starts causing problems out of nowhere and you wonder what went wrong. Most of the time this happens due to ignoring minor repairs or especially not changing engine oil on time. If things go out of hand and you end up with a non-functioning or seized engine then at the end you have to go for used or reconditioned engines.

There are plenty of options available for car engines that are respectively compatible with their make and model. Don’t forget that these perfect fits are always costly and at some point cost more than your car’s worth, so you must look for affordable alternates. In case you need a replacement engine, you should go for a used or reconditioned engine as they are cheap but reliable if bought from certified sellers like Automotive Engine UK.

Think Thoroughly and Take a Wise Decision

This is an important factor to close the deal that can be beneficial for you. You must go on with ringing some bells and doors to your connections and gather information about trusted and reliable sellers dealing in reconditioned car engines. There are plenty of auto dealers owning a stockpile of used or recon engines but most of them lack in quality and durability. At Automotive Engine UK you will get the best deals for a reconditioned engine, just by visiting our website and enter your Registration Number you can have a quote for your desired model and make.

Make sure and confirmed by our Experts that the compatibility of the engine you are getting with the one you want to be replaced. If you do take decisions in a hurry, things might turn out to be bad for you as you may miss some important details. Always try to get the best quality reconditioned engine possible for your vehicle. We suggest you get in touch with only an expert technician specialized in reconditioning. Also, keep a watch on the process of engine reconditioning. At Automotive Engine UK we provide timely updates on your provided contact while sharing videos of each part of the process to make sure the customers are on board with us throughout the whole job.

Why does your Engine’s Condition Worsen?

Another important factor that we think is mandatory to mention here is that as you may know car engines like all engines consist of multiple moving and rotating parts. When these parts are assembled to create an immense amount of power and torque they start to function, producing heat during the process because of all the friction. This burns down the engine eventually decreasing its life span. The engine’s life can be extended if proper maintenance is conducted from time to time. This includes keeping a check of the cooling system while draining or refilling it to get rid of deposits that might be clogging the radiator causing excessive heating across the engine. Maintaining oil level is also an essential part of engine maintenance. Engine oil must be replaced according to the respective mile coverage guideline of your vehicle.

Engine Reconditioning Procedure

When second hand engines arrive at Automotive Engine UK’s company workshop, they are broken down to the component level. Each component of the engine is then thoroughly checked with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment by specially trained mechanics and technicians. A list of all the issues regarding the engine is generated. Then a team of automotive engineers differentiates these issues into two categories. The first category consists of separate parts that still have the potential to be reconditioned and remade to be as good as new according to industry standards. The second category is based on parts that are no more suitable for reusing and must be replaced. After this, all engine parts are cleaned separately with a specially designed chemical cleaning process to remove oil and dirt.

The process of cleansing Engine parts is essential because most of the time, swarf (metal filings) gets mixed with oil and dirt causing severe damage to the engine itself. Then the cylinder block and connecting rods are re-honed or re-bored if necessary. Piston rings, main and big-end bearing are replaced. The crankshaft is polished and gets reground. The oil pump gets a recon as well or replaced if need be. The cylinder head is pressure tested and resurfaced if necessary. New or re-faced valves are lapped into the cylinder-head and vacuum tested. The timing chain kit or timing belt kit is completely changed. Then finally the engine is reassembled with new gaskets and seals.

Repairing and Recon Process of Cylinder Head

If you have been following us until now you might already have some idea about the cylinder head’s repairing procedure. The cylinder head is separated from the block itself first. Then the cylinder head is stripped down and checked for wear, cracks, and trueness while pressure testing is also conducted to ensure everything is in place. From solidness to straightness each of the possibilities is duly considered and checked. Testing for leakages is done in the end.

Reconditioning and Repairing of Crankshaft

If your car engine is making a rattling or knocking noise, there is a high chance of wearing down of crankshaft or big ends. This is a serious problem and can damage your engine severely if the repair and maintenance process is delayed. With high-tech machining work, the crankshaft is restored to its OEM standards. This includes grinding excessive material and oversized bearing to get a perfect fit of all parts. Very minor cracks that aren’t visible to the human eye are identified and repaired by modern machines.

Reconditioning and Repairing of Connecting Rod

Just like all parts the connecting rod is firstly checked and cleaned entirely. Then comes the real deal where it is re-honed by using magnetic partial inspection. After this, it goes through an alignment checking procedure where it is rearranged to standard measurements which makes it clear of any bend or twist issues.

Reconditioning and Repairing of Engine Block

In old vehicles, quick loss in oil pressure and excessive heat-up issues of the engine block are pretty common. A delay in maintenance routine or simply not following the standard guidelines can be causing this. Also in some cases, mechanical failure played a role in the degraded performance of car engines. But this can be solved if diagnosed before it causes any major trouble to your car’s engine. You may need to get some minor repairs done or get the engine block replaced itself to make it fully functional once again.

An automotive professional will re-bore the engine block and adjust the size of rings and pistons if they are oversized. If there is more severe damage, a line cylinder can be fitted to get the engine back again in a proper functioning condition. The chamfer oil passages and bearing surface are micro-polished while measurements are taken and adjusted where necessary.

Reconstructing Process

When the highly skilled professionals of Automotive Engine UK are done from a keen checking process of all the faulty engine parts, replacement parts are installed where required and new parts are fitted including gaskets, seals, gears, timing belt, and bearings.

Engine is Examined

After the engine is assembled completely the quality assurance team of Automotive Engine UK ensures that the engine is functioning properly as it is supposed to and every part of the engine is fitted to perfection. Compression and oiling are also observed to make sure there is no flaw left.

Guarantee of a Flawless Reconditioning

Approach only the best reconditioning services that have updated infrastructure and instruments to repair your car engine. Analyze the work ethics and expertise of their team members. In short, you must get a guarantee of the work and the engine parts that are being replaced or installed. Automotive Engine UK does fulfill all the standard protocols while providing a 6 months unlimited miles warranty and a 12months 12k miles warranty depending on the extent of the repairing job that's being done.

Quality Engine Reconditioning, Supplying and Fitting Service

At Automotive Engine UK, your satisfaction is our top priority. That is the sole reason we have countless loyal and happy customers though out UK. Our professionals have expertise in engine fitting service while our engine supplying department ensures that only the best quality engines are delivered to you. You can visit our website to find a reconditioned engine or a remanufactured engine according to your requirement as we have a large variety of engines available in all brands and makes.


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