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Automotive Engine performs extensive research and development throughout our process of reconditioning. We design high quality, reliable products by correcting existing design flaws of the original engine. Our experts use latest techniques for your engine solution, so you can rely on us for the quality work we provide. We offer both services either supply only or supply & fit.

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  • Cylinder head re-facing
  • Valve and valve seats grinding
  • Valve guides replacing
  • Valve stem oil seals fitting
  • Hydraulic lifters fitting
  • Camshaft fitting
  • Head gasket
  • Cylinder liners fitting
  • Piston rings fitting
  • Pistons fitting
  • Con rod small end bushing replacing
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • Crankshaft polishing
  • Big end bearings fitting
  • Crankshaft seals
  • Timing chain kit
  • Cylinders re-boring
  • Cylinders honing
  • Main bearings fitting
  • Oil pump fitting
  • Camshaft seals

Get Distinct Automobile Engines with Premium Quality:

It is now easier to acquire good-quality engines with low mileages, assurance of the reconditioned quality of inner parts and trustworthy content for your automobiles. Supply of both used and reconditioned engines are considered as a keen interest of the Automotive Engine UK. For the best experience, let us evaluate your demand and allow us to offer you competitive and long-lasting engine parts.

Our trusted and certified engine supplying networks tend to meet your needs by offering excellent engine material and excellent value for money. The Automotive Engine UK strives relentlessly for the availability of suitable engines for every Automobile engine make and model. The premium quality of engines makes us distinct and reduce your troublesome situation by giving you a better journey experience. Why not put this hectic burden on our shoulders? Just proceed to nurture long-term relations and get customized engines according to your requirements and save your time, effort and money.

Online Replacement Deals for Automobile Engines:

After dealing with Automotive Engine UK, you would be confident enough to be in safe hands to get competitive engines that match your order. After testing their products, we select the exceptional and unusual suppliers to ensure quality checks before proceeding with customers’ demands. Saving your time and money is our passionate objective. Therefore, we confidently stand in existing UK’s markets with hundreds of loyal customers having the best user experiences. Get your quotes promptly by searching numerous excellent engine suppliers available in our network without paying a single penny.

The free of cost service to find outstanding engine suppliers awaiting just a few clicks that preserve your efforts and money simultaneously. Just need to enter your registration details for getting quotations from maintained, secured and updated database. Let’s shift fetching competitive process and stock availability headache on us, and we serve you with actual rates without any hidden charges. Your demand is highly preferred on this platform throughout dealing, encountering and delivering. Get the exact and flawless engines from the suitable supplier with support of AI that has implemented to fetch your requirements from a huge available stock we possessed.

Insight about Reconditioned Engines:

Reconditioned engines refer to repaired and serviced engines that transformed into genuine and an original position. From performance to the reliability, reconditioned engines are suitable for long-term sustainability and as good as new. Reconditioned engines indicate the repairing, changing and servicing of moving parts including pistons-rings and timing-chain in its original condition. It may vary in changing, altering and modifying several components including camshaft, valves, chains and springs depending on its condition. It has enhanced the lifespan of automobiles to a substantial extent and certainly increased your travelling confidence.

Insight about Used Engines for Automobiles:

Used engines refer to engines which are taken from other vehicles in used-condition. Used engines do not proceed with any repairing process because it is working perfectly. Inner and outer service is recommended before using used-engines to have an excellent travelling experience. Vehicle performance is not being compromised, and you get company-fitted internal components without any major alterations. The used engines are also provided for testing purpose before placing the final engines which customer demanded. This is just to prove our loyalty in dealings and commencement with customers with outstanding quality material.

How does it work?

Undoubtedly, we are at the leading position in the UK’s markets by comparing reconditioned and used engines. We bridged gaps between you and engine suppliers with technical and technological support in the modern age and digital world. Your registration detail with just a few clicks provoked suppliers’ data from available stock to jump before considering giving you the wider opportunities in selecting engine suppliers for your vehicle. Do not make haste decisions and get trusted, certified and well-known engine suppliers after comparing the prices. We always believe in providing the best supplier for your engines and offer unmatchable services to allow you to buy something confidently with the Automotive Engine UK.

How can you Save Time, Effort and Money?

It is much difficult to take extra time from the exhausting schedule, especially for urban citizens. In a limited time calling and visiting garages double your trouble. We can effectively handle this matter by offering you the best, unique and cost-efficient engine solutions. You can trust us to evaluate and present distinct engines as per your requirement in affordable prices.

Throughout travel, confidence in the vehicle is mandatory to avoid a mishap, especially when travelling is more than average. Malfunctioning of engines let you in trouble and alarming situation either travelling alone or with family. It feels awkward when you stuck with your vehicle. Therefore, installing perfect engines and updated mechanical accessories is essential to reach out at destinations without any hurdle.

Different engine directories and break yards are taken into account to replace engines by customers and engage in comparing different websites to get the desired quality engine in cheap rates. We take this matter on our shoulders and made of this easier for you just few clicks far to get competitive quotes for used and reconditioned engines.

Most Selling Car Engines in the UK based on Research:

Automotive Engine UK is the leading platform for comparing suitable engines in reliable prices from certified suppliers for all models. By this research, we wanted visitors to acknowledge the most trending and emerging vehicles so they can make igneous decisions while buying cars. The fiscal year 2020 was witnesses of selling 1,631,064 units as per the research. Besides, Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Mercedes Benz A-Class, Nissan Qashqai, Mini Hatch, Volkswagen Polo, Ford Puma and Volvo XC40 have indexed the most top ten selling brands in the year 2020.

Best Selling Car Fuel Types in 2020:

We figure out for our visitors the most trending automobile fuel type trending in the UK for the year 2020. The detailed and factual investigation is focused on supporting customers’ decisions and informing them which kind of vehicle they need to buy. We excel in researching and comparing for you, as all of our keen interest relies on serving you with updated trends, data and vehicle information to make an appropriate choice before investing in vehicles.

Year to Date:






Fuel Type

YTD 2020

YTD 2019

% change

Market Share- 2020

Market Share- 2019













MHEV Petrol


















MHEV Diesel












What do you need to know about Vauxhall Motors?

Vauxhall’s vehicles are identical with Opel, however extensively used in the UK as the major brand. One of the oldest automobile brands in the UK enhanced its loyalty and consumers’ experience by leaps and bounds. It is the most trustworthy vehicle manufacturer and distribution symbol, including Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Under the Bedford Vehicles, it formerly dealt in trucks and busses. Currently, passengers cars, including light and commercial electric vehicles focused by Vauxhall Motors. For more than two decades it has been the second most priority of car-lovers. The year 1857 was witnessed by its inauguration in Alexander Wilson. Initially, it was manufactured marine engines and pumps bought by Andrew Betts Brown in 1863 and strived to manufacture cranes under Vauxhall Iron Works' brand name. The year 1903 witnessed its initiative in manufacturing commercial cards, whereas American automaker brand General Motors again acquired it in 1925. In the year 2017, the French motor manufacturer group Groupe PSA purchased Vauxhall, which achieved milestones of making various commercial and noncommercial vehicles including relaying and sports cars.

Leading Models of Vauxhall Motors in the UK:

Vauxhall made history by manufactured and distributed more than 100 models in UK markets. However, three of them are the latest and most trending models on which Vauxhall currently has a grip to prove its proficiency.

Vauxhall Corsa:

Corsa of Vauxhall gained grounds from its emergence in 1982 and still sustain its position in the UK’s vehicle market. It was also one of the most demanding vehicles in 2020. Attractive style, road grip, fuel economy, catchy style and relaxing inner ambience allow Corsa to still be an eye-catching vehicle in the modern age.

Vauxhall Astra:

With the advanced technology of ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo Engine (1.6 CDTi) with fuel consumption of 1-litre in 4km, least noise and comfort interior of Astra enabled Vauxhall Motors to improve its brand equity. After Corsa, this model has been enquired the most and become favorite in the circle of car-lovers.

Vauxhall Zafira:

The efficient engines of 1.6i, 1.8i and 2.2i concealed cause behind impressive performance of Zafira, which was third-most enquired Vauxhall model in UK markets. Its durability, cost-efficient attributes and road grip make it fabulous among marketers and customers. Zafira is a seven-seater vehicle that can be used for multi-purposes and one of the most demanding models that added value on Vauxhall Motors’ by leaps and bounds.

What do you need to know about Ford Motors?

Who knows that a Company laid by Henry Ford in 1903 will be the fifth-largest car manufacturing company across the globe? Ford has started its business in UK markets in 1909 and summoned lots of models since then. Model T is considered as one of the most attracting, emerging and demanding models of Ford Motors. Model T achieved to gain the attention of millions of customers to Brand. The crown of achievement for manufacturing and launching V8 (cost-efficient engine) for the first time in the markets was also laid on Fords’ head. Ford does not leave any stone unturned to introduce competitive passenger, sport, luxury and commercial vehicles.

Ford Fiesta:

Currently, Ford Fiesta’s 6th generation becomes the privilege for car markets with its super mini feature. Available cars of Ford Fiesta come in 3 door van, 3/5 door hatchback and four-door saloon. Users have good experience with Ford Fiesta with proactive seating style and fun to drive. The latest 7th generation is also available in markets with 3 and 5 hatchback body style. This is also one of the most selling models in the year 2020, double the privilege and added-value to Ford Motors.

Ford Transit:

With low, medium and high-roof models, Ford Transit become the splendid and most demanding product for UK’s consumers throughout years. Since 1965, it has been improving brand equity by leaps and bounds. The year 2013 witnessed the launching of its 4th generation in which Cutaway van, Cargo van, Chassis cab and Passenger van are included. The comforting interior, catchy body style, luxurious contents, smooth mechanical apparatuses and high-level finishing using technologies allow Ford Transit to be the most fabulous and magnificent choice of consumers.

Ford Focus:

As indicated from the name, Ford Focus steals the market's focus and gets high consumers’ attention from very scratch. Ford Focus was introduced in 1998 and still sustain its worth due to distinct attributes and features. It has also swapped the Ford Laser and Ford Escort with its remarkable rear and powerful engine. The outstanding integration with drivers’ comfort and power steering, seats, jumps and suspension ascend a better travel experience.


This is one of the remarkable, leading, and prominent brands enquired a lot by customers. Both Mercedes Vito and Mercedes Sprinter drew market attention tremendously as the brand embraces throughout the world. Mercedes-Benz is the German Company that is widely acknowledged as the manufacturing of luxury vehicles covering almost all world regions. Since its emergence in 1926, it has achieved milestones by introducing unique models distinct from the previous one. A-Class, CLA Class, GLA Class, and V Class are the most amazing Mercedes-Benz products that still catch markets’ attention. Mercedes-Benz has been sustaining its current market position and brand reputation by introducing great, unique and luxurious vehicles with commercial integration.

Mercedes Sprinter:

With effective integration of innovative safety features, Sprinter of Mercedes tends to accomplish tasks with full-proof security and safety potentially. Mercedes-Benz is ample conscious about passengers’ safety which enhances its brand loyalty and reliability. Attention assistance, blind spot mirror, and active brake guidance accompanying with a 360-degree camera and active distance assist Distronic made Sprinter be prioritizing choice as a commercial vehicle under the umbrella of Mercedes-Benz. It gives a revolutionary peak to Mercedes-Benz for capturing B2B markets, especially in the UK.

Mercedes Vito:

Mercedes Vito is unveiled in 1996 whereas presented three generations so far with both petrol and diesel engines. The second and third generations of Mercedes Vito was produced in 2004 and 2014 respectively. The latest edition is embedded with advanced technologies and impressive body style accompanying the unusual interior which are enough attributes to catch customers’ attention. With though exterior and quality interior Vito guarantees cost-efficient travelling with maximum benefits. Vito is available in the mid-size van segment with a versatile professional weight between 2.5t to 3.2t. Integrated with innovative safety and assistance system, it offers three drive types.


The prominent vehicle brand Volkswagen embarked in 1937 and effectively gained grounds by beating the staunch market competition. Beetle and Gold enabled Volkswagen to improve its brand equity with distinct available features in the era of early 70s. Since then Volkswagen left no stone unturned to achieve definite objectives within a promising timeframe, and till 2016 it has sold 10.3 million units throughout the world. Now Volkswagen is unbeatable and unbreakable, enjoying leading positions with competitive features integrated with advanced technologies and customers’ demands.

Volkswagen Polo:

VW Polo unveiled in 1975 which will be transformed in supermini car in 5th generations. The sparkling speed that goes till 62mph within just 6.7 seconds with 6-speed manual transmission makes it unique for customers’ choice. GTI 1.8 and TSI 192PS engines have been installed with advanced technology and strong material to survive longer. With different body styles, unexceptional interior design, tracking, driving assistance and advanced sensors still make Volkswagen Polo the most prioritizing choice of customers, especially in UK markets.

Volkswagen Transporter:

VW Transporter exposed in 1950 for adding value to Brand with prominent features and comfortable suspension competitive. VW introduces T6 as its 6th generation model using TD1340 and TD1400 smart engines. Volkswagen Transporter is integrated with state-of-the-art driver assistance systems. City emergency braking, a radar system for monitoring and distance detection capabilities ensure the safest road drives in urban cities. 

Volkswagen Crafter:

Crafter is the unique and perfect choice of commercial drivers with three drive systems and 8-speed automatic transmission. Volkswagen Crafter has introduced in 2016 and tremendously attained customers’ attention in a limited time span. Crafter brings innovative and intelligent driver assistance to support cargo and passengers’ safety at prioritizing interest. Technologies used in Crafter assists in minimizing road stress with increment road safety to a substantial level.


Quality reconditioned engines supported by our experienced suppliers are being offered and also covered by a full warranty. Our warranty depends on the type of engine parts you buy; however, the whole engine's replacement is covered for the longest warranty period. We guarantee to offer you the best quality reconditioned engine unmatched low prices that are industry challenge. It is just a matter of few clicks, and you will get what you desire without wasting ample time, money and efforts for gaining the best quality reconditioned engine for your beloved car.

Why You Chose Us for Engine Support?

We have possessed updated inventory and a huge chain of suppliers that comprehensively offer a quality reconditioned engine for your car matches with make and model. All types of a car engine can be possessed at low cost including, VW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Nissan and Vauxhall. Diagnosis, repairing and reconditioning facilities can also be availed at the same place. So we provide the complete hassle-free solution for your engines with navigation options. We take care of our website's user interface and incorporate a comprehensive list of reconditioned engine suppliers for easing and comforting. Get free engine quotes and find the ease in an entire process of engine reconditioning for having the best experience.

Buy high-quality, used and reconditioned engines cheap:

Undoubtedly, finding suitable engine parts, supply and fitting process, and engine stock is not easy to figure out, especially for high-quality, certified and varied remanufactured engines. Thus, the Automotive Engine UK brings a suitable and comprehensive solution for all types remanufactured engines from available stock. Supplying of top-notch reconditioned engines at low cost is also one of our major interests. We also deal in providing quality engine parts if there is no need to change the entire engine. We guide you with sincere advice embedded with experts’ pedagogical recommendations without charging any fees. We will also deliver right to your door or at any directed place if required. We offer the best, quality and low cost used and reconditioned engines within a promising timeframe after getting an order. Our commitments are guaranteed.

The Best Cheap Engines for Sale Anywhere:

The Automotive Engine UK possessed ingenious experts to figure out your problem and offer the best available solution out of the huge engine supply network. We do not believe in just cleaning the engine body with diesel or chemicals to make it shiny to cheat customers. Still, we focus on giving the top-quality engines after altering the necessary parts to ensure long-lasting operations. We carefully modify and replace defected parts with genuine parts to sustain the originality of engines. You can find us anywhere in the UK for gaining the best customer experience by having the demanded engines with immediate supply and fitting facilities.
How can you find the best engine that matches your requirement? Just need to focus on simple steps available on the website. Write down your registration number from any hand-held device or computer you have and leave the matter to us for searching the best available supplier for your engines. This is the same way which has been applying by auto traders for searching engines and gearboxes. This is state-of-the-art for approaching engine suppliers professionally and find what you need in a cost-efficient manner. It’s easier to get your engine block in cheapest and competitive rates with genuine ring and piston, which give your vehicle new life for surviving long-lasting covered by a full warranty. We perform corporate social and ethical responsibilities to sustain our brand equity; therefore, customers believe what we supply that meets standards and demands. Just proceed to nurture long-term relations and get customized engines according to your requirements and save your time, effort and dime.

Reconditioned and Used Engines for All Needs:

If you’re looking for reconditioned engines at affordable prices and you don’t want to compromise on quality, then you will have no difficulty finding the one you need at this platform. Our suppliers and team excel in dealing with Japanese and European car engines, either commercial or passenger vehicles. You will be having dozens of choices to select the best engine for your car from a variety of low-priced and fully-warranted manufactured, refabricated or reconditioned engines. Irrespective of the vehicle you have acquired either Honda, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Ford or Volkswagen, you will not go unsatisfied by Automotive Engine UK's support. Because we have a large database to find the best supplier for engine support which also reduces your stress accompanying professional relations. It is our foremost priority to meet your demand and work on your feedback. We do not believe in single encountering instead of approaching modern technique for sustaining our position by nurturing a good relationship with customers. Therefore, thousands of customers rely on our products and services that ensure quality integration and according to your demand. We engage you by offering the competent content/parts for your vehicles.

High-Quality Engine Parts:

Automotive Engine UK is ready to meet your quality demand as we are one of the largest suppliers in the UK in selling, evaluating and searching competitive engines and high-quality parts for customers. Thousands of customers are being availed our services so far and get the best experience that ultimately allows us to gain customers’ loyalty from the very initial stage. The high-quality parts can also be integrated with your existing engines and ready for immediate shipment.
Automotive Engine UK is leading in dealing with cylinder heads with high quality that offers long-lasting power to engines. We also customized your engines by putting suitable parts as per demand to enhance its sustainability. Both petrol and diesel 2nd hand usedengines are available for passengers and commercial vehicles in with the quick delivery process. Expert mechanics are also available to guide you with standard recommendations based on rational facts. Not only from prices but offered competitive quality of products also satisfies your fundamental demands. Suppose you need reconditioned or used gearbox with manual or automatic transmission. In that case, you’re at the right path to interact with the most popular and leading engine supplier in the UK.

Don't Be Fooled by Others:

It is crucial to notice that “reconditioned engine” is missing with the legal standards of defining the exact quality you demand. Disreputable companies or individuals perform unethical, illegal and malicious activities for profitability by giving an engine out of wrecked vehicles after performing perfunctory cleaning work and striving to scam by selling it as a recon engine. Customers do not have any experience or idea about the material used inside the engine; therefore, it is easier to grasp their minds with words-of-mouth. Low-quality parts are being used for selling the engines as remanufactured or reconditioned. Albeit, others excel in changing mileage on the used engines they sell. Therefore, the Automotive Engine UK decided to exert our efforts with experts' support in identifying the best quality engines, whether used or reconditioned for our customers from the huge inventory or suppliers’ network we acquired. We find ourselves happy to serve you in the cheapest rates by offering competitive engines for your vehicles with accurate mileage and outstanding quality. Automotive Engine UK is the leading company in the UK, which is being prioritized by thousands of customers each month to purchase their reconditioned and used engines best fit for their vehicles. We’re proud to perform ethical and corporate social responsibilities to sustain longer in existing markets of the UK. Thus, honesty, quick delivery, customer caring, deadline meeting, quality products, and customers’ satisfaction are the fundamental objectives that enhance our privileges and reputation. We proudly say that we look forward to working with you.

Common Issues of Vehicles Need to Consider:

There are several issues which may vary from driver to driver, whereas our major agenda for unveiling these issues is relied on developing basic information of customers/visitors for driving them towards making better choice. Mentioned below are some of the major problems gathered from drivers’ reviews which allow you to evaluate these issues before incurring money on any vehicle. These all issues can be found in any new vehicle so we only consider the problems in newly manufactured vehicle irrespective of its brand or model.

Transmission problems:

Sometimes the shifting of gears becomes irritating when it stuck or jam in between shafts. The irregular engine sound may reduce your experience with a specific vehicle. The problem in gearbox and lever may disturb the rational force generated by the engine. Therefore, this is considered one of the foremost problems in newly manufactured products. Fluid maintenance is necessary to make transmission lubricant. Fluid leakage from the transmission is also observed as the primary issue which continuously irritates drivers and can be caused by cracking in transmission pan or leakage from the seals. To avoid clogging in gaskets, lines inside the system and seals, automatic transmission should also be maintained frequently.

Overheating of Engine:

Overheating is one of the most observed problems in newly manufactured vehicle products. Besides, modern cars have acquired complex sensors to gauge and react against overheating. But often these sensors halt engines to perform and push it to break or rest for some time. Drivers found themselves in hot water due to sudden stoppage of engine. Therefore, the radiator should be checked before every drive and consult the manufacturer to eradicate this issue from scratch.

Falling of Fuel Economy:

New vehicles are facing problems of dropping down fuel economy against mileage that cost a fortune. The carburettor-tuning, air filter changing, and proactive servicing can reduce this problem. The oil chaining, clearance of spark plugs, and air-filter washing are basic components that sustain your vehicle's fuel-efficiency.

Fuel Leak by Evaporation:

Fuels expand when hot as it is temperature sensitive and explore ways to venting fumes. Modern cars equipped with sealed tanks and air-tight caps to refrain evaporation of fumes to outside. The fuel cap is quite cheap until it does not end up with the catalytic converter's failure. Therefore, it is recommended not to ignore warning lights given by sensors applied in modern cars. Evaporation and leakage of fuel may bring catastrophic consequences; consequently, it should not be ignored at any cost.

High Oil Consumption Rate:

Frequent checking of oil is recommended, which let you aware of its consumption level. The engine becomes corroded due to high consumption of oil and demands its maintenance to the essential level. The oil filter, plugs, and piston-rings are at high risk; thus; it requires immediate concern with manufacturer or mechanic. Avoid using poor quality oil which may cause blockage of an oil filter. Modern cars have a filter bypass system that not requires to change the oil filter regularly at the time of changing oil.

Sputtering of Engine:

Especially at high RPM the engine sputter which misses the force of the engine. The most common cause is the absence of unison between ignition and fuel systems, which also required the essential amount of air and fuel for combustion. Presence of mote, oil particles and petrol fumes on plugs would also cause engine sputtering. The fuel and ignition system must be maintained, and cars' frequent service as per manufacturers’ recommendations keep these types of issues to a minimum level.  

Shaking of Steering Wheel:

Often new cars experienced with shaking of steering wheels. Wheel bearings and damage of suspension blamed for this issue; however, the wheel's alignment is also considered the major cause of shaking of steering. Shaking of the steering wheel at high speed brings harmful consequences for passengers; thus, it is recommended to fix it out at earliest convenience.

Brake Pads are worn:

The brakes are prior checked before delivering but due to temperature and leakage of brake oil from seals or supply pipe wear down brakes in new vehicles. However, handbrakes can be used for any uncertainty. Immediate consultation with manufacturer or mechanic is mandatory for resolving this issue. Brakes can be worn down just like any other moving part in vehicles. They are essential and compulsory part to slow down or stop moving cars safely. Squeaking or grinding of brakes and noisy sound yell that your vehicle needed to take care by professional mechanics.


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